Green Horse Brands is proud to create clean, healthy animal environments with products that are easy to use and that support a healthy planet.

Lifelong “horse guy” Joe Mackenzie and a partner started the company in 2015, with dust-free cardboard bedding, Airlite.

Airlite is now widely used throughout the equine industry, with a customer base that ranges from Olympic level equestrians and top sport horse breeders to individual horse owners. Airlite is equally great for farm, companion and exotic animals and is increasingly popular in those realms.

Airlite is ideal from an environmental standpoint, too. Less of it winds up in the landfill and it is ideal compost material.

Thymox botanical disinfectant joined the Green Horse Brands family in 2022. It’s a frontline defense against the spread of contagious diseases, killing up to 99% of viruses and bacteria on contact.
Made from the plant thyme, Thymox is effective, safe and easy to use. The ready-to-use, stable solution can be sprayed directly on any surface. No dilution, waiting period or wipe down is needed. And no harsh chemicals or toxins.

Thanks for joining us in supporting happy, healthy animals. We’d love to hear from you!

Green Horse Brands founder Joe Mackenzie with
Olympic show jumper Tiffany Foster.