Dust-Free is Key

Reducing breathable dust, mold spores and irritants in the environment is veterinarians’ #1 recommendation for protecting horses’ respiratory health. Breathing in clean air is healthy for everybody – including pets, farm animals and people.

See the science…

Research conducted by the University of Delaware in conjunction with the University of Florida proved that cardboard bedding has significantly fewer respirable dust particles than wood shavings or straw. Cardboard bedding also has  dramatically fewer disease-causing fungi particles. 

This study published in 2002 confirmed that shredded cardboard bedding had significantly lower measures of airborne dust and aeroallergen concentrations than those found in common bedding materials. 

Horses and other animals are particularly vulnerable to dust, mold spores and other allergens in their bedding because they spend many hours with their noses nestled in or above their bedding. 

Whether they’re lying down in their bedding, pursuing food scents in it or eating food set atop the bedding, animals are at high risk of inhaling harmful particles.

Absorbency + Ammonia Neutralization

The Canadian Research Council has found corrugated cardboard bedding to be 5X more absorbent than wood shavings and 6X more absorbent than straw. 

Cardboard’s remarkable ability to neutralize ammonia is another big benefit. When the scent of ammonia is present in a horse stall or animal enclosure, the levels are already high enough to cause irritation and inflammation in the respiratory tract. 

Keep your pets and animal dry and safe.