Thymox is a super effective, super safe disinfectant and cleaner.

Thymox is distinct in the disinfectant category because it’s registered with the Environmental Protection Agency, proven to kill 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, mold and most allergens on contact.

Plus, it’s rated in the EPA’s safest category for use around humans and animals. You can even use it on food serving surfaces.

For Horses & Other Large Animals
Stall walls, floors, doors and gates. Bits, tack, brushes, buckets, feed room counters, treatment rooms, etc.

For Dogs
Food and water bowls, kennels, crates, whelping boxes, treatment rooms, etc

For Small Animals & Reptiles
Food and water dispensers, cages, etc.

Current Pricing and Sizes Available

32 oz Trigger Sprayer
One Gallon Jug
5 Gallon Bucket

32 oz Trigger Sprayer - $10.99

Perfect for Stable, Small Animal and Home Use

One Gallon Jug - $29.99

Perfect for refilling spray bottles, ideal for commercial
stables and veterinary or pet care facilities.

5 Gallon Bucket - $131.99

Best Value, ideal for commercial stables,
veterinary or pet care facilities

55 Gallon Drum - $1,130.99

Ideal for Industrial uses.

275 Gallon Tote - $3,499.99

Ideal for Industrial uses.